The World of Dungeons and Warcrafting Dragons

Second Session

...bridge empire beginnings and a cult

Characters - 

Character NPCs - 

NPCs - 

  • Blood Elf Researcher Guy (Karakus)
  • Human Cult Leader Guy (Vyral the Vile)
  • Murloc Cultist 1
  • Murloc Cultist 2
  • Murloc Cultist 3
  • Murloc Cultist 4
  • Murloc Cultist 5
  • Murloc Cultist 6
  • Murloc Cultist 7
  • Murloc Cultist 8
  • Demonic Possessed Murloc Cultist
  • Gnome Elementalist Guard
  • Undead Alchoholic Guard (Barie)
  • Human Bridge Trio Guy (Slim "Pok'em" Jim)
  • Worgen 1 Bridge Trio Guy ( Tex)
  • Worgen 2 Bridge Trio Guy (Rex)
  • Karrle – sign guy
  • Blood Elf Tailor Former Prisoner
  • Human Mason Former Prisoner (Jerrrere)
  • Other Prisoner 1
  • Other Prisoner 2

Summary - 

The assembled group convinced the Bridge Trio to give up working for the local cult and become employees of the party, collecting tolls in the same way they had been up until we defeated them and took control of the bridge. The bridge was named the (need to check with the DM) and the Trio were instructed to: 1) Remember the Sunwell; 2) Expect our return; 3) Collect tolls.

We continued to the the ruins of Durnhold Keep and Karakus set up camp with the help of Steve and Kroran. The rest of the group explored the ruins and found out that a group of (need name of cult) Cultists were using the keep as a base of operations, but were being very stealthy about it.

Undeterred, the group (clad in cultist robes, except for Thicket who was in raven form wearing a tiny bird robe) marched up to the main entrance. There we were challenged by a gnome elementalist on guard duty. After several attempts at bluffing and intimidation we successfully, made our way into the base by convincing the gnome that we had just returned from long patrol with news for the boss and that as a new member of the cult celebrating his monthaversary he could requisition a plaque from the quartermaster. We were so convincing that he ran off right away and abandoned his post. (we later learned that there was no quartermaster)

We explored the ruins and found the place deserted except for one guard near an entrance to an underground area. We gave him some drinks smuggled from the bar in town (blue and purple). He was so thankful that he gave us the password for the elemental guarding the entrance, "Blerg". This turned out to be a good thing as the elemental was several stories high and made of metal. We gave the password and marched down into the base proper.

The first person we encountered was Karrle. A small-town orc, trying to make his way in the big world. Karrle impressed us with his initiative, he had started carving signs for the various portions of the underground base, and his positive/can-do attitude. He was enraptured by Thicket (still in Raven form). When we mentioned a possible promotion, to lead signmaker, and the ability to have a raven of his own he was convinced to be our newest employee. We sent him packing straight away to make signs for our first bridge. He left in such a hurry that he dropped his axe, which had "Mom" carved on the hilt.

We explored the base a bit more, finding a library with the missing books from town (and some more of Karrle's signs) and a store room with a majority of the other items missing from town. The last area we explored turned out to be the boss' lair.

The door was barricaded from the outside, but we noticed a gap under the door so Ramble McShambles popped out an eye and rolled it under the door (right after Thicket tied a vine around it). He saw that the boss was engaged in some sort of ritual and wearingKarakus' boots.

Deciding not to waste any time we burst into the room and declared that we were ready to give our scouting report. He was incredulous at this declaration as: 1) he did not know us; 2) he did not want to be disturbed; 3) his cult does not engage in long patrols.

Thicket wasted no time in responding to his tirade, conjuring a patch of entangling vines under the feat of the boss and his cultists holding them in place. The boss was flabbergasted by our insolence, continuing his ritual, immediately draining the life force from 8 of the assembled murloc cultists. Ramble McShambles cast a sleep spell on the boss and the remaining murloc cultist, sending the cultist to sleep, further infuriating the boss. The boss demanded to know why we were there, so we told him that we wanted his boots and his robes.

This did not make him feel better about how things were going. Thicket poured salt on those wounds by using her vine whip to rip the staff from his hands and throw it across the room. At this point Patches strolled up the boss and began to repeatedly stab him while Briar decided to shoot the sleeping cultist point blank in the face. This woke the cultist who began to rip at his own skin, tearing large chucks off.

In an effort to rid himself of the party, the boss called down a pillar of fire that roasted Ramble McShambles and Patches, while completely incinerating the crazed cultist. This did not kill the cultist so much as transform it into a massive tentacled horror.

The boss fell after a few more slashes and stabs from the group. He cursed us with his last breath and the last thing he saw was Patches holding his boots in front of his face.

The tentacled former cultist was a tougher foe to fell. During the battle, Ramble McShambles was knocked unconcious and was driven to undeath's door before the party was able to slay the beast and revive him.

The group took the opportunity to finish retrieving the stolen goods as well as free some prisoners, who were quickly pressed into service. A tailor amongst the prisoners modified the cultist robes to include a raven on the shoulder. A former prisoner mason organized the remaining guards and prisoners to start rebuilding the keep. 

Content that everything was being handled the group returned to Karakus' camp and explained the recent events to Steve, Kroran, and Karakus. The tale (and the return of his boots) excited Karakus who insisted that we return to town to let (Undead Lab Guy) know about the demonic ritual. We convinced him to wait until morning and settled in to camp for the night.



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