The World of Dungeons and Warcrafting Dragons

Characters - 

John: Kroran Lighthoof – Tauren Paladin
Monica: Brier Stormwing – Night Elf Ranger
Jaime: Thicket Stormwing – Night Elf Druid
Brandon: Ramble McShambles – Undead Bard
Chris: Steve – Worgen Sorcerer
Will: "Patches" – Blood Elf Fighter

Ramble McShambles, Steve, and "Patches" arrive in Tarren Mill via caravan and quickly make their way to the only bar in town. The bartender fills them in on the local scene and indicates that many things have gone missing recently.

Briar and Thicket also arrive and make their way to the library. They meet with the undead librarian and a Blood Elf who also complain that things have gone missing, including a pair of the Blood Elf's boots, forcing him to where peasant foot coverings. The Blood Elf gives them a list of everything that has gone missing.

Kroran, already in town, follows up on leads of demonic activity in the region. This investigation leads him to a crazy laboratory and eventually the bar.

Briar and Thicket also head to the bar to inquire about accommodations. 

The Blood Elf from the library enters the bar and announces he will be setting out on an expedition. "Patches", Brian, Thicket, and Kroran agree to accompany him. Ramble McShambles and Steve, interested by his talk of the ruins decide to investigate on their own. They head outside and witness three robed figures enter the two and head to the library. The follow and gain the attention of one of the robed figures. He delays them long enough that the other two figures are able to disappear with more books.

Ramble McShambles and Steve follow the final robed figure to the outskirts of town where they are able to pick up his trail. At this time the expedition caravan sets out and meets the Undead and Tauren on the road. The whole group proceeds towards the ruins, which happens to match the direction of the robed figure.

The group is stopped by a trio guarding a bridge over a river asking for a toll before allowing the expedition to proceed. The outrageous prices frustrated the group and a short skirmish ensued. When the "bridge owner" realized he couldn't prevail he allowed the group to pass without paying the toll. This did nothing to mollify the group who proceeded to steal his "deed" to the bridge along with his boots.



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